A powerful company in a global market

Near commodity markets

We have been nurturing our supplier relationships for more than 40 years, and are in a position to claim that we are very well versed in the world's commodity markets. In a very short space of time we can access a host of resources and will be updated on the latest developments immediately.

DUROPLAST means quality

Based on a broad range of different raw materials we are able to manufacture tailored solutions for specific applications as well as universal products for versatile use.
We use a variety of testing and quality processes and in particular possess extensive engineering expertise about fibres, resins, hardeners, accelerators and different processing technologies.

DUROPLAST means professional excellence

"Human resources" sounds good. When we use it, however, we take it to mean every single one of our committed and creative workforce, who distinguish themselves by their extraordinary loyalty and solidarity for DUROPLAST. Our low level of staff fluctuation shows that we are on the right path and will continue to invest in the men and women working for us to ensure that we
not only maintain but further increase our competitive edge.

DUROPLAST enables and maintains competitiveness

We will accompany you with our products and expertise from the idea to the finished solution. We see your requirements as a challenge to develop a tailored product which can then be further processed easily in the most complex of manufacturing systems and procedures. From the idea to the finished good—we have innovative products.

DUROPLAST wants to support you in increasing your global competitiveness by way of uncompromising service orientation, cost leadership, independence due to global, autonomous raw material selection, and proactive action in the market, which we will achieve by early identification and development of solutions possessing the demanded customer benefits.

Focusing on the CUSTOMER

DUROPLAST focuses its interest on its customers, with all their demanding requirements.

DUROPLAST means flexibility, reliability,
and adherence to schedule

"Strength and size are quite unrelated": True to this motto, DUROPLAST is aware of its position as a mid-size company, and continuously strives to maintain and advance its strengths in terms of flexibility, reliability, and adherence to schedules. This ensures that we can provide customers with the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency in terms of procurement and manufacturing. Our aim is to support you in smooth manufacturing processes.