Products and markets

Worldwide use of DUROPLAST-CHEMIE products

Our products are used in a large number of industries and areas. The following list gives you an impression of our products' field of application.

Prepreg systems

In general, semi finished good systems are called "prepreg", where fibre and matrix components have already been combined without full impregnation and/or consolidation being performed. The selected prepreg process results in the differences in impregnation and consolidation levels. Our products can be found, for example, in prepregs (epoxy resin-impregnated and pre-polymerized glass cloth laminate adhesive foils) used for constructing multilayer conductor boards.
Consistent quality plays an essential role and ensures optimum properties for further processing. Thanks to the good flow characteristics of epoxy resin, all clearances are filled without trapping any air, resulting in excellent layer bonding and adhesion of prepreg layers as well as copper foils.